Written by Rakelle Maurici

There are some men who like to splash out on a new suit or a pair of shoes every now and again, however some of you may neglect the fact your hair is just as important. Whether you have a go-to hairstyle or you want to try something different, you always need to make sure you invest time and money if you want a decent haircut. A good haircut is the DNA of perfect grooming; you start with this and you’re on the way.

Naturally when taking a trip to the hairdressers or barbers most of us are afraid to step out of our comfort zone and try something new, it could be a fact that it’s bred into us that hair is important and we should keep hold of it. However, routine can become boring and getting a new hairstyle makes you feel good on the outside as well as gives you more inner confidence.


When choosing a hairstyle you need to discuss with your stylist what works for your face shape because although you may like a style from a picture in a magazine, it may not suit you – so you really need an expert stylist. Other factors to consider are your hair type; not only for styling but also because some styles don’t work so well on curly hair and some others don’t work so well on straight hair – so it’s about defining your hair type and the best you can get from it. Lastly if you’re the kind to follow fashion trends, perhaps you want a style which is on-trend – in which case you’re likely to be changing style more often than others.


There are secrets to a good haircut. For example, it gives you more confidence when we all step out of the barbers – we all feel good about ourselves. Which leads onto his second point which is that if you invest more on a decent haircut it will be presentable for longer and is easier to keep shape when it comes to re-styling the next day. Just like a cheap suit, cheap haircuts work in the same way; they are noticeable, whether it’s from an obvious step in grading or predominant lines.


Alternatively if you’re thinning, some styles can give the illusion you have more hair than you do. With the help of styling, or if you have large ears and you’re self-conscious of them, you can cover them up with a longer hairstyle. To take note, hair is one of the first things we notice on a person, first impressions are everything so it shouldn’t be a “that’ll do” kind of investment.


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