What is “OVERDUE HAIRCUT”? How do I determine if I’m overdue or not?

In order to achieve quality, unkempt overdue haircuts take more time and effort. Unlike other barber shops, our focus is quality and that’s why we hope that you chose us. The only way we can achieve quality on overdue clients is by easing-in bit by bit to restore your haircut’s shape, this is more labor intensive and takes more time.

How to determine if you’re overdue or not;

If your last haircut was 6-8 weeks ago or when your hair on the sides reaches the bone of your ear (aka Tragus) or lower, book for overdue haircut. You can also opt for overdue without hair-wash.

Whose art do you exhibit throughout the shop?

The paintings, cardboard chair sculpture, and the wooden sign on the wall in the shop are by Renat Zarbailov, the co-founder of Quality Barbers. His art is available for purchase and can also be seen on his personal web site – www.zarbailov.com

Quality Barbers is on the look out to curate other artists’ works that will be displayed in the shop on rotation basis.

Why do you require credit card to book appointment?

Our new online booking system works without needing you to log in or remember any passwords every time you need to book a haircut. It also prevents no-shows, a problem we had constantly with our former booking system. Instead of banning our clients who booked but never showed up we decided to switch to a more robust system. Yes, we agree that it is not very convenient to input credit card info every time, and we communicated this to the software provider of this system. Although it may take some time, they are working on improving the system to make the booking process more seamless soon.

Our cancellation/reschedule/no-show policy:

Please be advised that NO charge will be applied to your credit/debit card unless you violate our cancellation policy, which requires you to reschedule or cancel at least 2 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the cost of your service. Clients booking two or more appointments but showing up for one will be charged the cancellation fee. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.

Why you work by appointments?

It’s about achieving consistent quality haircutting experience. Every client who books with us online not only saves time in his busy schedule but also gets a quality haircut every time. Ordinary barber shops rush you out the chair when they see many walk-ins coming into the shop, hence their quality is never consistent. There’s a difference between a 10-minute haircut than the one done in 30 minutes. Our commitment to quality led us to work by online appointments only since the day we opened our doors. This way you receive quality first time, and every time.