What is “OVERDUE HAIRCUT” or OVERDUE HAIRCUT (W/O HAIR-WASH)? How do I determine if I’m overdue or not?

In order to achieve quality, unkempt overdue haircuts take more time and effort because the barber has to ease-in bit by bit to restore your haircut’s shape. This is the only way to achieve quality. Since we work by online appointments, before we introduced overdue haircut booking option, we began noticing that barbers would not finish the overdue haircuts in time before the next appointment in our schedule. This forced the next booked client to have to wait 10-15 minutes more than his scheduled booking time. This lateness cascaded down the whole daily appointment schedule, causing many clients to be dissatisfied simply because one guy was overdue but didn’t book an overdue haircut. Our online booking system calculates the time slots for typical haircut (30 min), overdue haircut (40 min), overdue haircut w/o hair-wash (30 min).

How to determine if you’re overdue or not;

If your last haircut was 6-8 weeks ago, or when your hair on the sides is covering your ears half an inch or more, book OVERDUE HAIRCUT. You can also opt for OVERDUE HAIRCUT (W/O HAIR-WASH).